Suko Pro Free Math Puzzle Game

Free Math Puzzle Game for Mobile

You can download this free number puzzle game on Google Play store and Apple’s App Store.

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Suko Pro is a free ad-supported math puzzle game for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Improve your cognitive & problem-solving math skills with Suko Pro. The game is simple in concept but a challenging puzzle.

Exercise your brain with unlimited randomly generated boards. A family friendly game suitable for anyone who understands addition.

Suko Pro can be played both online and offline.

Suko Pro is based on Sujiko created by Jai Gomer of Kobayaashi Studios. We’ve
adapted a faster mobile style gameplay to Suko Pro.

Sujiko / Suko can be commonly found in puzzle books and syndicated in the UK Times. Some people often play with hints, similar to Sudoku, where possible candidates are written as small ‘notes’ around the game grid.

We’ve replaced that with a coin and hint system to give players a faster ‘head calculated’ game.

The Suko Pro game board.

In each quadrant, the sum of the numbers placed in the four colored circles must equal the small number in the white circle.

So the quadrants for the example board shown would be 20, 18, 21 and 24.

The sum of each colored group on the board must equal the amount in the same colored circle at the bottom of the board. For example, from the board above the two blank green circles must equal 7. Dark blue circles on the board should total 17, and light-blue circles should total 21.

The rules are simple, but the board is not always simple to solve. Suko Pro is a good way to exercise your mental math skills on the go for a few minutes on your commute or while waiting in line.