Taptical Drone Contest 500 Doge Coin Prize

Contest Rules
1. Like 54bones on Facebook
2. Follow us on IG: @54bonesgames
3. Download Taptical Drone on Android or iOS.
4. Beat the infected zone and open loot boxes to unlock the final Doge Rocket Ship.
5. Email screenshot of unlocked ship to info@54bones.com

See Crypto Currency Prize rules on this page for details redeeming crypto currency prize awards.

Leader board scoring must be enabled via login to Google play games, or Apple game center, as actual play time and score must be verified for eligibility via Google or Apple.

So no, you can’t photoshop the locked button out, we know what score unlocks the doge ship.

Congratulations! We have a winner!

Taptical Drone – fly forever!

Taptical Drone

The Galactic Rail allows travel between galaxies in hours. A growing infection known as the ‘Red’ spreads unchecked.

You have been tasked with reaching the source of the Red infection and saving Lady Brestana.

Collect nano chips as you travel the rail. Use them to buy upgrades to help you fly deeper into the Red Zone.

How deep can you go?

Featured here on Gamekeys.net Top Games to Try Out January 2021

Choose from six different drones, upgrade weapons and defenses. Download it now from your store.

Taptical Code Red Gameplay Tips

Flying level is an essential skill. Use the training level to practice level flight. Remain at a constant height by tapping at the right speed.

Look ahead. View portals will change your camera view and give you points. The side view is the least forward looking view.

If you are approaching the Red Zone, use portals to adjust your view to increase your chances of survival.

Do nano chip farming runs. If you are low on nano chips, keep flying missions to stock up on chips to buy upgrades.

Drone Shields WILL NOT survive plasma flame walls. Only Shield Bash will allow you to fly a drone through plasma flame walls.

Spend your nano chips wisely. adjust your spending to your play style. If flying and dodging is your strong point, spend less on guns, and more on shields. If you like blasting through to make a path, spend more on guns. Don’t blow them all on max upgrades. You will spend more time farming if you always spend everything you have.

Surviving a Red Zone involves skill, planning, and firepower. If you arrive at a Red Zone with minimal firepower, adjust your view, and plan your path as far ahead as possible. If you have a lot of firepower, you may be able to destroy a lot of enemies and make it through with less dodging.

A true high level pilot will be able to maximize all aspects of flight, collecting Nano Chips, spending the right amount for upgrades, destroying enemies, constantly hitting View Portals, and knowing when to fly evasively to maximize distance, points, and their bank account.

Learn your style and adapt! See you on the leaderboards Pilot!

The Mystery of the Stones

Public Beta, coming soon, sign up now!

3 difficulty levels. Two game modes. Seven board layouts. A simple concept. One stone is connected to another stone. Then it’s connected to two stones. Then three. Four. Five. Six. And finally… seven stones. How many connections can your brain handle. Will you be able to complete all Master boards at level 7?

  • Three difficulty levels
  • Two challenging game modes
  • Seven board layouts
  • Achievements and Leader boards
  • Seven environment themes
  • Great for commutes or long flights.
  • Challenges your memory skills.
  • Challenges your patience.

Available soon for Android and iOS.

How to Solve Suko Number Puzzle Game

It is time to take our brains to the next level and experience Suko Pro. Suko Pro is a free number puzzle game is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Download Suko Pro in Google Play

Great for taking a break from Sudoku!
Earn coins when you win, spend coins for hints!
Beautiful clean graphics, HD sound, and original music.
Simple, extended version of the traditional Suko game, with more board possibilities.
No addictive game loops.
Stimulates the mind.
Streamlined Interface and non-intrusive ads.

Like any great puzzle game, Suko Pro takes some time to learn, and will provide you and your family with hours of fun. Learn how to play Suko Pro and you won’t be disappointed, it gets increasingly more interesting as you learn.

Based on a traditional Japanese number puzzle, Suko Pro is the next level to challenge your brain if you are a lover of Sudoku, puzzles, and other number based games. Unlike Sudoku, Suko uses a little bit of addition, making it an ideal game to play with your kids and teach basic addition, and logic simultaneously. It is challenging, yet fun for adults and kids alike.

Quick Play Tips:
Please click “How to Play” from main menu. This game uses simple addition, but has simple rules you must be able to read, or you will never understand this game. We are currently working on a tutorial walk thru to resolve this.

We hope you enjoy Suko Pro as much as we do!

Enjoy the urgent containment of cranial pleasure through your mobile device.
Experience the order and chaos through the poetic use of numbers.
Streamlined Interface reduces conflicting duality of circles and squares.
Earn coins to help unlock the mysteries of the board.

Discover the challenge millions of puzzle players in our solar system have experienced with Suko Pro. This puzzle game helps turn boring car rides, commutes, and checkout lines into mental ecstasy.

If you enjoy weekend crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and logic games, Suko Pro will challenge your mind like an astral awakening of spacetime that will clear a path toward the quantum soup itself.

How to solve a Suko Puzzle

  1. First you must remember, Suko is a quick challenging number puzzle game that forces you to calculate several simultaneous sums.
  2. Secondly, you must use every number once on the game board.
  3. Third, white spaces on the board must be the sum of the colored spaces surrounding them.
  4. Fourth, the sum of all same color spaces of the board must equal the amount of the matching colored circle below the board.
  5. Finally, raise you arms in victorious celebration of your cerebral power.

Suko Tip 1:

Use every number from 1 to 9 once. If you’re playing Suko with the Suko Pro app, it will keep track of what numbers you have in play on the game board. If a number is white, that means it has not yet been used.

Suko Tip 2:

A Suko game board will be a 3 x 3 grid and typically has 4 white or un-colored numbered spaces in each quadrant. In the demo board below, we are talking about the spaces with numbers 24, 28, 13, and 16.

The 4 spaces surrounding each of the un-colored numbers must total the un-colored space. For example, in the board above the four colored spaces must equal 24. The four that surround 28 must equal 28 and so forth for 13 and 16.

Suko Tip 3:

The all same-colored spaces on the game board must equal the value in the color below the board. For example, all of the green spaces on the board (circled in red) must equal 8, since that is the matching color value below.

Suko Tip 4:

Make some logical deductions based on the information given. Try some basic math on the information provided. For example, we know that the 4 spaces around 13 must equal 13 – and we can see that 3 of those spaces already total 8 because of the color. The remaining blue space cannot be anything but 5, since there is no other number between 1 and 9 that will add with 8 to equal 13.

Be sure to go through the How to Play in our Suko Pro app. Have fun!

Through the deliberate expression of colors meant to signify passion and adventure, Suko Pro constructs and then uplifts socioeconomic ambivalence in puzzle games constructed on planet Earth.